Malfoy’s “Furry Little Problem”

Draco Malfoy is the widely known antagonist in the Harry Potter series. However, in their sixth and seventh year, Draco Malfoy backs off Harry. Perhaps it’s because he was so preoccupied in assisting the Death Eaters plan to kill Dumbledore. However, this theory states that because Lucius failed to retrieve the prophecy, Voldemort allowed Fenrir Greyback to bite Draco Malfoy. Here’s the evidence I found:

  1. While Harry’s hiding in Borgin and Burkes, Draco threatens to show something on his arm. It never states that it was the Dark Mark.
  2. Harry Potter assumes everything. It usually doesn’t end up being true unless it was in his dream, or if he’s in Divination rolling on the floor while Rita Skeeter makes him a madman. Hermione doesn’t think he’s a Death Eater, and whatever she thinks is usually correct.
  3. At the end of sixth year, there’s a barrier that doesn’t allow you to pass unless you have the Dark Mark. The barrier goes up after Draco enters the tower, and it comes down when he leaves.
  4. Draco is never treated as a Death Eater, nor does Voldemort have a reason to recruit Draco.
  5. Draco is constantly sick and stressed, much like Remus Lupin was.
  6. Fenrir Greyback’s goal is to bite as many young children as he can, Remus Lupin is a victim.
  7. “Maybe you can babysit the cubs.”

These are not all the reasons I’ve found, but these are a few main points. However, I can dispute.

  1. It doesn’t state the Dark Mark! It doesn’t mean that it is, but it doesn’t mean it’s not. The Dark Mark would make any one jump out of their wits.
  2. Bad things can happen, but if it’s not as important to the plot, then it isn’t usually covered. The tragedy of Dumbledore’s love is not covered, but it’s bad for Dumbledore. Malfoy being a werewolf doesn’t affect Harry as much as it does Draco himself.
  3. It could just be a coincidence because they want Malfoy to be the last one to enter, and the last one to leave because he’s the main attraction to kill Dumbledore.
  4. He does actually have a reason, to have a spy at Hogwarts. Dumbledore would probably know, but he’d give Draco a chance because he’s too kind to convict him.
  5. The mission would definitely do that to someone, his life was threatened.
  6. Malfoy isn’t exactly the youngest child, nor does Greyback have a reason to bite Malfoy. Remus was only bit because of his father’s snide remark about werewolves.
  7. This statement was directed to Tonks and Lupin’s child, not Draco’s child. If he had said that about Draco’s own children, it would definitely point to him being a werewolf. Also, cubs are bear’s young. Pups are wolf’s young.

So there are reasons that point to Malfoy’s potential “Furry Little Problem,” but there are reasons why he couldn’t be. Either way, the original creators are very enthusiastic about this theory being real. It’s called Fury Little Problem after the Marauder’s who often referred to to Remus’ lycanthropy as such in public.



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