A Midsummer Night’s Dream Review *Spoiler Alert*

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare

No Fear Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream by SparkNotes

There are two versions of Shakespeare, the actual version and SparkNotes version. No Fear Shakespeare is useful for understanding Shakespeare in a deeper level, as it allows you to compare Shakespeare’s original Old English and understandable modern English. I found the SparkNotes version extremely useful for school, and it made reading much easier.

I’m honestly not a big fan of Shakespeare, and I heard from schoolmates that historians thought Shakespeare was on drugs or something while writing this book. I have to admit, the title is clever because after the flower is crushed in Hermia’s, Helena’s, Lysander’s, and Demetrius’ eyes they wake up and are confused. They think the strange fight between Lysander and Demetrius was a dream, and the couples are happy once more. The play, also, had Robin at the end telling the audience that if they don’t like the play because it was offending, then they can think of it as a bad dream.

Titania was also under the influence of the flower. When Oberon crushed the flower in her eyes again, she woke up thinking that Nick Bottom was a dream. She was repulsed when Oberon told her she actually was in love with him. It’s clever because the whole book could be just a dream to you, or it could mean something more. It also could’ve been one of Shakespeare’s dreams, and he made it into a play.

Hermia is not my favorite because she is harsh to Demetrius, and she’s always relying on a guy to come save her. While yes, that was the time period’s expectations, she literally did nothing herself and complained in almost half of the parts she spoke. Helena is not my favorite either, as she doesn’t know to back up and leave people alone. She’s overly clingy to a guy who hates her, where are the people’s willpower?

Demetrius is a player without really trying to be. He’s stringing along Helena, but he only has eyes for Hermia. He’s in a way, playing Helena without intentionally doing so. Lysander was hopelessly in love, and somehow tricked by Robin’s fairy flower. Both are willing to fight for Helena while under the spell, and both were very abrupt and hot-headed to Hermia. They weren’t very kind.

All of the actors for the play inside this play weren’t smart at all. Nick Bottom was arrogant, and honestly was kind of annoying to listen to. None of them had the best grammar, especially not Quince. I probably wouldn’t read this on my own, and I probably won’t read Shakespeare out of class. It’s not my genre, and it’s not my interest. Shakespeare is a brilliant writer, but his writing just isn’t my style.



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