Thirteen Reasons Why Review *Spoiler Alert*

This has some very sensitive topics. If you are triggered, or are sensitive, I suggest you do not read this book or review.


Thirteen Reasons Why is a Young Adult (YA) book written by Jay Asher. The plot is simply a girl named Hannah Baker commit suicide by overdose, and now Clay Jensen receives a shoe box full of old tapes. His job is to listen to all the tapes and pass them onto the next person, the person after him. I found this book very inspirational. It taught me that it’s not just what you do that affects someone’s life, it’s what you don’t do, it’s what you don’t notice that affects someone the hardest. It taught me not to be a bystander, if someone’s suffering, go out and help them. Do not just stand there and watch someone suffer in silence. Be observant, and be kind.

Justin was the first kid, and he was the stereotypical player. He’s one of the worst, but not he worst. He started Hannah’s self-destruction of her image and life, and for that no one can ever forgive him. Alex was next, and he just made Hannah’s fake reputation worse. He destroyed their friendship. Jessica wanted revenge on Hannah for being on the “hot or not” list, and she slapped her. Hannah had a scar left from her, and their friendship ended.

Tyler was a peeping tom, and he is a sick, disgusting so many bad words which I’d rather not place on my blog. I hated Tyler, and honestly he deserved when people threw rocks at his place. Courtney placed rumors that she and Hannah had a relationship in the bedroom, and that reinforced Hannah’s reputation. She was a bad word. Marcus believed the rumors and tried to take advantage of her (a terrible person.) Zach tries to comfort Hannah on a dare, but ends up making things worse.

Ryan stole Hannah’s poem about her life and put it on the internet. People recognized it was Hannah and mocked her for it, he is a terrible human being. Clay did nothing wrong, except he let her go. He didn’t recognize she wanted to die, and he let her go instead of helping her. For that, Clay will forever be stupid (until he redeems himself.)

Justin knew that a rape was going to happen, and he did nothing to stop it. Hannah witnessed the rape, and found out that Justin knew which makes him a double jerk. Jenny offered Hannah a ride home, and she hit a stop sign. Later a student died from the lack of a stop sign. Bryce, he is the worst person in the world, but how can I call him a person? Hannah had sex with him, but she did not say yes. She didn’t give consent, but she didn’t push him away. She had sex with a rapist, and she became her own enemy. Mr. Porter was supposed to help, but he told Hannah to move on because she didn’t want to press charges against Bryce. What counselor tells someone to move on? That’s the thing though, the counselors don’t do anything in schools, other than teach you how to sign up for classes. Mr. Porter is also a terrible person.

At the end of the book, Clay redeems himself. He sees Skye, a girl who’s dangerously showing signs of suicidal thoughts or actions. Instead of being a bystander, he takes action to help her. Although this is a little unrealistic, it’s still possible. It has opened many eyes to what’s happening behind closed doors, and I believe that everyone needs to read this. While it’s more explicit, it conveys a good message. This is one of my favorite books, and I can’t wait for the Netflix series or movie version of it to come out.

Everyone who says it’s glorifying suicide, it’s not. The book/series is just trying to spread awareness, and it’s just trying to tell us that all our actions has repercussions (even if we don’t know it directly). Also, Hannah’s not trying to blame them for her death. That’s missing the whole point of the story! The point is, all our actions have repercussions on everyone, and some repercussions are on the worse side. 



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