Scythe Review *Spoiler Alert*

Scythe is a futuristic world where there is no more natural death, disease, or any pain in general. It’s the job of a Scythe to “glean” (kill) people for population control. Any Scythe can take in an apprentice, but Scythe Faraday becomes a mentor to two: Rowan and Citra. However, to become a Scythe you can’t want to be a Scythe.

I loved Scythe. It’s not an average predictable book, it actually has a really good plot twist towards the end. If you look at the cover, on one side of the scythe you can see a girl’s face and on the other, a boy’s face. That right there is the biggest spoiler for who becomes the scythe.

I love how it progresses in the book, and Rowan and Citra’s relationship. It’s not a romantic relationship, I think they were just trying to find their ground with each other. I definitely think they’re closer to the brother-sister relationship, but nothing like Citra and Ben.

It was cruel to have Citra have to kill her own brother, the person she very close to, for the final test. I can’t believe how incredibly difficult it would be. I’m not the closest to my brothers because they’re a lot older than me, but I still would have the hardest time killing them. I probably wouldn’t honestly.

I doubt anyone saw Scythe Faraday’s suicide was a hoax, yes a hoax. If you didn’t read the book, it’s already too late to turn back now. I can’t believe that Scythe Faraday actually did… well, in a way, commit suicide. I thought he was murdered, like almost everyone else! I thought it was pretty crazy.

Scythe Curie and Scythe Faraday? I didn’t see that coming either, I don’t know how anyone could! There was no hint to it, there was nothing! It just… was! I honestly don’t know if I ship this or not. It’s extremely sad though to have to kill the person you love seven times, and to be killed seven times! Isn’t that extreme?

Overall, this was mostly just a huge, informal spoiler alert to anyone who hasn’t read the book, and I gloss over a lot of the rest of the book. I don’t want to spoil all of it! Just the main points because they’re the most standout-ish to me. Oh, and I found it extremely clever how Citra granted Rowan immunity at the end… I can’t wait for the second book!



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