I’m JC, or at least, that’s what you can call me. I love reading. As my username suggests, I’m a bookworm, and as my short, one-lined biography suggests, I love Harry Potter. This isn’t any kind of formal writing of any sort, it’s just started by a teenager. I’m no professional with a Masters Degree of English, and I don’t mean for any copyright on any review, analysis, or anything else I talk about.

Yes, I do write my own stories. No, none of them are published. Hopefully, one day they will be published. Yes, JC is my pen name. No, I will not tell you my real name. Yes, I am a teenager. No, I do not not read. Yes, I love reading. Yes, I know a bunch of useless information. Yes, I go to school. No, I am not going to reveal my personal information.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy reading my blog! Until next time, hasta la vista!